Thank you for choosing the office of Dr. Cheryl Eley, Dr. Linh Ho, and Dr. Audrey Johnson. You and your child are most important to us.

In an effort to meet all your expectations and address any concerns you may have, we would appreciate your time in sharing your experience with us.

Please use the rating system below to complete the survey.

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How was your experience on the phone when making your appointment?
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Were or are your calls with messages returned within 1 working day?
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Did your appointment time and /or availability meet your needs?
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How were you and your child greeted by the front office staff?
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How was your and your child experience with the back office staff?
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How was your and your child experience with the physician?
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Did you and your child receive the personal attention that you expected?
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Were or are your questions regarding any account balances with us adequately explained?
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Thank you for your participation in our survey. We appreciate the time you have taken to share your thoughts and opinions with us.


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Practice Manager

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